Get to know the tourist attractions in Camocim – CE


Barra dos Remédios, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

It is one of the most beautiful deserted beaches on the coast of Ceará. The waters of the river meet the sea, providing a unique spectacle, inviting you for an unforgettable swim. And to make the scenery even more paradisiacal, white dunes spread out in contrast to the water. Chosen as one of the 5 most beautiful deserted beaches in the world.


Guriú Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

It is on the bank of the Guriú River, which can be crossed by ferry or canoe. In this place the tourist takes the famous ride to observe the sea horse and gets to know the Guriú Mangrove Swamp Trail, a place already nationally famous for its exuberant landscape with dry mangrove roots adorned with typical local swings, where visitors produce unusual photos.


Barrinha Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

As the name says, “Barrinha” (small bar) comes from a reddish formation of barriers originating from the Cangalhas lake’s watershed, which flows into the beach. Its red and white sands and an immense coconut grove form a very special visual. It is 21 km from Camocim and its access must be made by 4×4 or Buggy.


Ilha do Amor, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

Testa Branca Island, also known as Love Island, is located in front of the city. It contains mangroves, dunes, and beaches, the beautiful mirrors of water during the rainy season, and is much visited by bathers and lovers of regional cuisine. Access is by ferryboat that crosses the Coreaú River. From the island you have a bucolic view of the city, with houses by the sea, the boats anchored near the edge of the sidewalk that borders the river, the reddish cliffs, and the coconut trees framed by the beautiful blue sky.


Caraúbas Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

Located between Farol do Trapiá Beach and Maceió Beach it is one of the favorite places for those who practice nautical sports due to its excellent wind conditions. Following the coastline, it is 12 km from the headquarters to the beach. Its tranquility, little-explored beauty and strong winds make its differential.


Lago das Cangalhas, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

Situated on the west coast of Camocim, this tourist attraction is in the middle of the dunes, with a characteristic scenario of the region. Fresh water, sun, tents with typical foods of the region, providing the visitor with experiences of how to have fun with the expectation of contemplating the almost untouched nature. Its access is made with 4×4 vehicles or buggies.

Coreaú River Estuary, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

It is located in front of the city, where the river meets the sea. It is a natural reserve with a beautiful scenery for boat trips, windsurfing, sport fishing, and observing the preserved mangroves, fauna and flora of the region, highlighting the blue heron, an endangered species, besides crabs and marine birds.

City Entrance Monument

Monument – Entrance to Camocim, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

The welcoming monument is inexplicably beautiful. It was idealized to represent the touristic potentialities of the city. A set of sails from fishing boats in the middle of a mirror of water, surrounded by a sidewalk of Portuguese stone and with markers with the names of the local beaches, in the middle of a tastefully designed garden. At night this monument is filled with color with special lighting, when its water fountain is highlighted.


Laguinho da Torta and Lago Grande, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

A large freshwater lake surrounded by white dunes forming an ideal setting for activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, pedal boating, stand up paddle, skibunda, and canoeing. With excellent beach huts, with differentiated services such as the relaxing swing of the hammock in the lagoon, with delicious seafood dishes, presented “in natura” to the clients.

dry lake

Lago Seco, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

It is a freshwater resort supplied by rainfall. This leisure option is very appreciated by the city’s residents, who use both the structure of the tents that border the lake and the natural areas, under the countless cashew trees, where they can have picnics and barbecues. A very pleasant leisure when the contact with nature, with clean waters, and the summer climate are its greatest characteristics. The attraction is easily accessible and well signposted.

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Tatajuba Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

Located on the eastern side of the municipality, between Camocim and Jericoacoara, Tatajuba Beach is one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in the Northeast, preferred by kitesurfers from all over the world.
The Morro Branco existing in the place known as Duna do Funil is one of the highest dunes of the Ceará coast and provides to its visitors the “esquibunda”, an adventure and adrenaline practice. From Camocim, the trip to Tatajuba can be made by the seashore, crossing the mouth of the Coreaú river and also by the CE085 road.


Barreiras Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

One of the most sought after corners of the city. Quiet beach, with an excellent infrastructure of tents and restaurants, where you can enjoy the cliffs and the mouth of the Coreaú River. Because it is an easily accessible beach, it has become traditional among locals and tourists.


Xavier Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

A small fishing village that offers visitors a unique shellfish gathering experience. In the community handicrafts are made with Camurupim scales and seashells. It is located next to the Praia Formosa wind farm.


Pier (floating), Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

At first, the Camocim Pier was built to bring more comfort and safety for passengers, who use the speedboats both for tourism and to go to the city’s interior communities, but the beauty of its structure quickly turned it into a new tourist attraction. The residents and visitors are treated to a beautiful sunrise and a passionate full moon, making this a mandatory stop to take a beautiful picture.

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Maceió Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

A beach of unparalleled beauty and ideal for water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. The calm, warm waters are excellent for relaxing and forgetting the stress of the metropolis. On this beach of easy access visitors find an excellent tourist structure for their stay, such as: inns, summer houses, beach huts, kitesurf school, beach huts, and handicrafts.


Farol do Trapiá Beach, Camocim, Ceará, Brazil.

It has a wide stretch of golden sand. Its great reference is the lighthouse of the Brazilian Navy. It is a sunset appreciation spot. Quiet beach, easy access and good for swimming and kite surfing. It has a tent structure and restaurant

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